Rowe’s Cornish Bakers have made history by sending Cornwall’s most famous export – the pasty – into space.

The delicious treat was launched into the stratosphere at 11:00am on 20th September ‘17, reaching an incredible 35,482m. Suspended for approximately 93 minutes and with temperatures dropping as low as -62 Celsius, the pasty returned to earth completely frozen.

The intrepid pasty, the first ever to be sent to the edge of space on a weather balloon, was launched from Hayle Academy coinciding with a space project the students are undertaking. The students were able to follow the pasty’s space adventure thanks to an onboard tracking device. This video footage has now been uploaded to Rowe’s website for the rest of the world to witness the Cornish Pasty travelling to the edge of space and back.

Becci Blackburn, Retail Director and Hayle Academy Head Teacher, Andrew Martin, were the brave volunteers who offered to taste the ‘out of this world’ pasty which landed on Bodmin Moor. The pasty, which was filled with delicious chunks of skirt beef, local potatoes, onion and swede, was “awesome” according to them both.

Head Teacher, Andrew Martin said: “Sending a pasty to the edge of space with Rowe’s was fantastic. Our students and teachers work incredibly hard in the classroom, so it’s been brilliant to bring their science lessons to life like this.” Pasty fans can enjoy out of this world deals on Rowe’s award-winning hand crimped Cornish, Chicken and Cheese and Onion pasties and sausage rolls by visiting one of their bakeries.



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