We have actively built our curriculum and school day around our knowledge of how children think and concentrate. Our lessons are 60 minutes long with double lessons for some practical subjects. It is our view that this is the optimum length to maintain focus and interest as demonstrated by our exam results.

All our students follow a broad and balanced curriculum which builds on previous knowledge and experiences. Our aim is that each day our curriculum will motivate, extend, provide challenge and celebrate success whatever a student’s ability. We recognise that every child is special and through personal education planning we endeavour to find appropriate pathways for all.


At Hayle Academy, we take our responsibilities for enabling young people to move onto the next phase of their life very seriously. We encourage students to study a broad and balanced curriculum and to take examinations in all of their subjects.

All our students are expected and encouraged to follow examination courses appropriate to their future career plans and abilities.

We ensure a student’s progress is regularly monitored and parents receive copies of each review undertaken. If students are exceeding their Expected Outcomes we give praise, if students are not making Expected Progress then a range of intervention strategies are put in place to try to address any areas for improvement.


One of the aims of Hayle Academy is ‘to promote standards of excellence that enable all students to achieve their full potential’.  For our most able students we start from the premise of developing the confidence and ambition to aim high and consider university, music college, drama school, sport academies etc.

It is important that we learn of, or identify as soon as possible, the areas in which a student has greater ability. This may be academic (formerly gifted) or physical, creative or musical (formerly talented).  We will endeavour to ensure that students are offered appropriate and/or modified curriculum, opportunities to meet and work with like minded students, and time to attend specialist, and perhaps offsite, tutoring or training.

Every student is unique.

Please talk to us about how we might support your gifted or talented child.