Hayle Academy is constantly improving the facilities and resources used on a daily basis by the students.

As a Community School we already make our school available to a number of local community groups and organisations. Clubs and organisations currently using the schools facilities range from Zumba, boxing club, the Blood Donation Service and various adult education providers.

Facilities available to rent include:

>> Both large and small meeting rooms
>> Gym
>> Music and Drama Suite
>> ICT Suites
>> Fitness Suite
>> Integrated Health Centre

Why not test us, you never know we may have the facility or room you or your organisation is looking for.

For further information regarding costs and availability, either ring the Academy on 01736 753009 and ask to speak to Dave Quick (Site Manager) or contact us.

Blazer Blazer with school badge
Trousers Smart, plain black formal tailored school trousers that hold a crease – purchased from either supplier listed. Stretchy, shiny materials, hipster style, chinos, jeans, leggings and skinny leg trousers and other types of similar fashion trousers are not permitted
Skirt Smart, plain black school skirt. Skirts should be of appropriate length (20”), close to the knee and with no splits. The two options provided are; 20” 2 button or 20” Charleston design. (See retailers for more information)
Shirt Plain white, long or short sleeved school shirt/blouse. Shirts must be tucked in
Tie Clip on school tie
Jumper (optional) Plain black V neck jumper to be worn underneath the blazer
Shoes Plain black leather or leather effect shoes with no contrasting coloured stripes, stitching, laces, flashes, glitter, logos etc. Trainers, canvas and skate shoes are not permitted under any circumstances
Socks / Tights Plain black socks (not white, patterned or coloured) or black tights (40 denier)
PE Kit Rugby Shirt: Black & Gold
Shorts / Skorts:Plain black
Socks: Black
Trainers: plain blackOptional items are available from Trophy Textiles (Pool Ind Est.)


Uniform Providers

Trophy Textiles Tel: 01209 713341. Address: Unit 2D, Pool Business Park, Dudnance Lane, Pool, Cornwall TR15 3QW Website: www.trophytextiles.co.uk
PE Kit PE kit can be purchased from school at student reception. For details of stock, please contact Karen Hickson at enquiries@hayleacademy.net or on 01736 753009

PE Kit is also available from Trophy Textiles (contact details above)

More Information

At Hayle Academy the student welfare system is designed to provide a caring and structured environment to help all our students achieve their academic potential and to help them develop as considerate and responsible young people. We take the welfare of each child seriously because we recognise that social and emotional well-being is pre-requisite for good learning.

We are fortunate to have an on-site Integrated Health Centre, one of only three in Cornwall, from which all our student support services operate. These include our full time Support Officer and 2 Key Stage Support Assistants as well as many professionals from other external support services. These professionals can work with students here on site and save on valuable school time.

However, at the heart of a successful secondary school experience is a strong home-school-student relationship which has to be based on good communication. We constantly strive to ensure that we follow our academy motto of “Proud To Be Hayle” and are always looking to improve the communication systems we have; we welcome ideas from parents and students if there is something we could be doing better.

As with any large organisation Hayle Community School has a series of policies and procedures that help clarify the way we operate.  Some of these are statutory, some are advisory and some are individual to our school. A full set is available at the school but on this website we have placed those policies that are most frequently requested.

Policies are reviewed regularly by the Governing Body, some annually and some on a two or three year cycle. The most up-to-date versions are included here.

Should you have any queries about any of these policies or any other areas of school practice please contact us through the contact page on this website.


Charging and Remissions
Complaints Policy

Copies of all letters sent home to students are available for download using the list below.


End Of Term
16 July 2019

Book of Knowledge
27 Mar 2018

Change of day structure during exams – May 2019
8 May 2019

Helping with homework booklet – Updated Apr 2018
12 Oct 2018

Remote Access System
22 Nov 2018

School Gateway
11 Jan 2018


All students at some point during their time here at Hayle Academy will receive music lessons and get the chance to use the fantastic facilities and equipment available in the Music and Drama Centre. Some students will, of course, go on to study music through to GCSE and for some it may only be a taster of music. We offer music tuition in partnership with the Cornwall Music Education Hub which entitles us to lessons at the reduced prices.  Plus, we can now offer more free or subsidised places.

New this year – parents have the option to pay via SchoolComms – please contact Mrs Watson, Music Administrator, if you wish to pay using this method.

The following music tuition lessons are currently on offer to our students:


Woodwind Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon and Saxophone
Guitar Acoustic, Electric and Bass
Brass Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone and Tuba
Drums inc. Percussion
Piano inc. Keyboard


For more details about the above or to find out more about music tuition and the music opportunities at Hayle Academy, please click on the links below.  Alternatively, you can speak to our Head of Music, Mr Glen Graham or email our Music Administrator: debbie.watson@hayleacademy.net.
NOTE: All students including those continuing on from this current academic year will need to complete and submit a new application form for the academic year 2019 – 2020

In addition to our formal curriculum Hayle Academy offers a wide range of after school clubs, activities, team games etc., which we call Hayle Xtra and we also provide a formal GCSE Study Support programme for students in years 10 and 11.

The aim of our Hayle Xtra and the GCSE Study Support programme is to enrich, extend and enhance our students’ experiences of school life. Hayle Xtra includes courses that lead to qualifications, for example Duke of Edinburgh, First Aid, languages and dance and others that develop interests and hobbies such as drama and sports. The Learning Resource Centre (library) is open daily from 8:00 – 8:45am, 10:30 – 10:45am, 12:25 – 1:25pm and 3:15 – 4:15pm. The various clubs and activities may be seasonal, run for a short period or throughout the year. Full details can be found in our Hayle Xtra booklet.

GCSE Study Support offers specialist support in all subjects to enhance GCSE examination performance.  The majority of sessions are voluntary but where students are not meeting their achievable grades then students will be expected to attend.  Full details can be found in our GCSE Study Support booklet.

Hayle Xtra and GCSE Study Support is normally for one hour from 3:15 to 4:15pm. A free bus service which leaves the school site at 4:15pm every day ensures no student is prevented from staying on.


Download Hayle Xtra

One of the aims of Hayle Academy is ‘to promote standards of excellence that enable all students to achieve their full potential’.  For our most able students we start from the premise of developing the confidence and ambition to aim high and consider university, music college, drama school, sport academies etc.

It is important that we learn of, or identify as soon as possible, the areas in which a student has greater ability. This may be academic (formerly gifted) or physical, creative or musical (formerly talented).  We will endeavour to ensure that students are offered appropriate and/or modified curriculums, opportunities to meet and work with like minded students, and time to attend specialist, and perhaps offsite, tutoring or training.

Every student is unique.

Please talk to us about how we might support your gifted or talented child.



Our Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) leads a team of staff who offer students who have been identified as requiring additional support, either individual or small group work on a daily or weekly basis. Support is provided to students in the Learning Zone or within individual subject lessons.

For students with low levels of literacy, the academy provides the intensive and very successful Read, Write Inc. programme. Some students will make rapid progress and their time in the Learning Zone may be limited, for others, a longer term approach may be required.

Parents are welcome to make contact with the SENCO to discuss any concerns you may have. Please email sen@hayleacademy.net or call 01736 753009 and ask to speak to the academy’s SENCO.



Download the SEN Policy

Download the SEN Information Report

Accelerated Reader is a reading programme that all members of Year 7 and 8 are involved in.  They all take a Star Reader Test which gives them a ZPD (zone of proximal development) and guides them towards books that are suitable for them.  Students will then chose an appropriate book and read for 25 minutes during the school day.  Once they have finished their book they take a quiz and receive merits and rewards for getting  85% or more of the questions correct.  Please use the link to log into your account and take a quiz or check your progress.

Accelerated Reader Website