Schools in Sierra Leone have few resources, so the children’s books and 100’s of textbooks, donated by Hayle Academy, are extremely valuable to the Sierra Leone Mission, a charity supporting 30 churches and pastors, 23 schools and teachers and an orphanage for street children in Sierra Leone.

There are 500,000 plus street children living in horrendous conditions in Sierra Leone and the St.Ives charity helped the townspeople build the orphanage, called Bethesda, in 2016 that is only able to help a fraction of them.

This term Hayle Academy welcomed Jan Woodhouse as our new Executive Headteacher, across three secondary schools within the Truro and Penwith Academy Trust, alongside Cape Cornwall School and St Ives School.

Jan’s role at Hayle Academy is focussed on supporting the leadership teams within the school to drive further improvement, developing the school to school partnership and we are already working closely together on approaches to teaching and curriculum development: connecting teachers who share a common passion for their subjects and for supporting children to achieve their full potential.

Mr Martin, as Head of School at Hayle, will continue to manage the day to day organisation and leadership of the Academy. This partnership is a springboard to accelerate Academy development plans and bring rapid and sustained improvement. “We are ambitious for our students and for what we can achieve together through this partnership”.  Jan said,  “I am delighted to have been invited to extend my role as Executive Headteacher across the three secondary schools”.

Among the many activities, Hayle Academy students took part in at the Cornwall Games was softball.
Our softball team: Ashley, Jamie, Tom, Charlie, Leon, Jack, Adam, Alex, Anthony, Krishna and Aidan, were ready to do battle.

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Before the summer break, Hayle Academy was successful in their bid for £100,000 to renovate the Food Technology room.

Work has now finished, ripping out the old dated equipment for this much-needed makeover. Read more

Last Friday alongside worldwide support, Hayle Academy declared its climate emergency. We will be seeking reform across all aspects of school life, with the sole intention of reducing the carbon output and pollution levels.

This year we will re-launch the iSite Council, which will be dedicated to tackling these pressing issues; from plastic waste to paper usage, recycling and resource management alongside positive carbon impacts.

Mr Lea-Clark, a science teacher at Hayle Academy added: “I am very grateful to be chairing this committee and am looking forward to debating the issues in depth with the student council.”

This planet faces some tough choices if we as a species are to thrive in a biodiverse world. Communities across this country and the world are now starting to take action to prevent problems such as air, water and land pollution, deforestation, soil degradation, the greenhouse gas effect, and species extinction which, collectively, will help to redress this crisis. It is not too late to make a positive impact on the environment; through the power of knowledge, you can lead a more sustainable lifestyle, perhaps even contribute to tackling some of these issues here in school or within your own home. We only have one home and that is Planet Earth.

Three very talented Hayle Academy students took part in a brass band competition last weekend, Morgan Year 9, William Year 9, and Lowenna Year 7 as part of Lanner Brass Academy.

The competition, held in Exmouth, had 12 bands competing. They not only won their section but won the most entertaining band of the day for both their performance inside the pavilions and one for outside in the gardens.

Lowenna played a horn solo and Morgan was part of a cornet fanfare and also played a glockenspiel solo with Lowenna and William playing Djembe drums in the finale.

Well done to all our students, and we are really PROUD of you and your achievements.

Earlier in the summer, Hayle Town Council voted unanimously to declare a climate emergency. This is in line with the earlier vote by Parliament and Cornwall council, and many other parish and town councils, international bodies and groups who have been doing the same.

This includes a commitment to aiming to be carbon neutral by 2030, and will involve a carbon audit to see where HTC are at now and to set goals to achieve this.

To this end, we set up a Climate Action Group and we are looking into other ways and ideas that – as a community – we can reduce our carbon footprint. For example, we are in talks with The Foundry in Hayle to run recycling / upcycling workshops with clothes, and repair cafes, where people can bring their items and get help with fixing them/learn to repair them themselves.

We are also looking into potential tree planting projects, and will also be liaising with the School Council to see what ideas the pupils have that we might be able to implement.

We meet once a month and are always excited to welcome new members and consider new ideas.

This is just the start. Everyone is welcome.  Email:

Facebook: @HayleClimateActionGroup
Twitter: @GroupHayle

Hayle Town Council is represented in the Climate Action Group by Cllr Sophie Johnson, who coordinates the group, Cllr Anne-Marie Rance who chairs the group, Deputy Mayor Steve Benney and Cllr Nick Farrar.

By: Sophie Johnson of Hayle Town Council

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In addition to our formal curriculum, Hayle Academy offers a wide range of after school clubs, activities, team games etc., which we call Hayle Xtra and we also provide a formal GCSE Study Support programme for students in years 10 and 11.

The aim of our Hayle Xtra and the GCSE Study Support programme is to enrich, extend and enhance our students’ experiences of school life. Hayle Xtra includes courses that lead to qualifications, for example Duke of Edinburgh, First Aid, languages and dance and others that develop interests and hobbies such as drama and sports. The Learning Resource Centre (library) is open daily from 8:00 – 8:45am, 10:30 – 10:45am, 12:25 – 1:25pm and 3:15 – 4:15pm. The various clubs and activities may be seasonal, run for a short period or throughout the year. Full details can be found in our Hayle Xtra booklet.

GCSE Study Support offers specialist support in all subjects to enhance GCSE examination performance.  The majority of sessions are voluntary but where students are not meeting their achievable grades then students will be expected to attend.  Full details can be found in our GCSE Study Support booklet.