Earlier in the summer, Hayle Town Council voted unanimously to declare a climate emergency. This is in line with the earlier vote by Parliament and Cornwall council, and many other parish and town councils, international bodies and groups who have been doing the same.

This includes a commitment to aiming to be carbon neutral by 2030, and will involve a carbon audit to see where HTC are at now and to set goals to achieve this.

To this end, we set up a Climate Action Group and we are looking into other ways and ideas that – as a community – we can reduce our carbon footprint. For example, we are in talks with The Foundry in Hayle to run recycling / upcycling workshops with clothes, and repair cafes, where people can bring their items and get help with fixing them/learn to repair them themselves.

We are also looking into potential tree planting projects, and will also be liaising with the School Council to see what ideas the pupils have that we might be able to implement.

We meet once a month and are always excited to welcome new members and consider new ideas.

This is just the start. Everyone is welcome.  Email: sophie.johnson@hayletowncouncil.net

Facebook: @HayleClimateActionGroup
Twitter: @GroupHayle

Hayle Town Council is represented in the Climate Action Group by Cllr Sophie Johnson, who coordinates the group, Cllr Anne-Marie Rance who chairs the group, Deputy Mayor Steve Benney and Cllr Nick Farrar.

By: Sophie Johnson of Hayle Town Council

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