Hayle Academy recognises that the move from primary to secondary school is a significant event for both pupils and parents alike. We know that each child will be both nervous and excited about joining a secondary school. We know that what they need to know is different for each of them. Some need help with information about the new school, about their friendship groups or their Form Tutors. Others are worried about getting lost and what their new teachers may be like.

At Hayle we have a special transition programme to help at this time of change. We are proud of the programme and the way it helps new students settle quickly and successfully into our academy. We work closely with our primary partners and have developed an exciting 18 month programme that starts in Year 5 and aims to encourage new friendships, build confidence and familiarity with the new school and ensure that learning continues between Year 6 and 7.

We believe our transition programme will help to answer many of the worries children and parents may have. Please look at the detailed programme and better still come and visit us on a normal working day.