Special Educational Needs

At Hayle Academy, we are extremely proud of our special educational needs provision and the opportunities and support given to our students with additional needs so that they can experience success, achievement and fulfilment during their time at our school.   We are committed to offering an education that ensures the best possible progress and outcomes for all of our students whatever their needs or abilities and prepare them for happy and successful lives at and beyond Hayle Academy.

Hayle Academy SEN team is an incredibly flexible and proactive team who are always striving to meet the needs of our learners and go above and beyond in the support of our students.  This may be via our key person approach where every child on the SEN register has their own key person who stays with them throughout their journey through the school and offers opportunities to mentor and support or via our targeted interventions such as our Accelerate English and Maths programmes, additional before school and after school support or Nurture provision or support within the classroom.

The first stage of support is always high quality teaching within the classroom with practices designed to support all learners such as information retrieval exercises, assessment for learning, chunking of information, knowing all learners, providing resources to support and use of metacognition and modelling.  If students then need further support this could then be targeted support such as use of the SEN team within lessons, technology, interventions or for higher needs students, it could be via specialist support from teaching assistants or external specialists.

Our SEN team is led by our SENCO, Mr James Woodward and our Assistant SENCO Vicky Roberts.  The team is formed from teaching assistants who have specialist areas of expertise such as autism, dyslexia, coordination, physical impairment, social and emotional health, working memory and dyscalculia.  Our team work within classrooms often in specialist areas, running interventions and meeting with their mentees.

The Area Resource Base (ARB) at Hayle Academy

Hayle Academy were proud to be chosen to be the school in the West of Cornwall to build and run an ARB.  The ARB is part of the specialist education provision for Cornwall and is a base within the main school which meets the needs of learners with an EHCP and who require specialist education.  The base initially opened to 10 students and will expand to reach its capacity of 20 students who have a blended model of learning based in the ARB and also within the main school which meets their specific needs.

If you have any queries, questions or would like to discuss SEN at Hayle Academy, please contact our SENCO James Woodward (james.woodward@hayeacademy.net) or our Assistant SENCO Vicky Roberts (vicky.roberts@hayleacademy.net).

The SEN Team at Hayle Academy:

James Woodward (SENCO)

Vicky Roberts (Assistant SENCO & ADHD Specialist)

Kim Skidmore (Dyslexia Champion)

Zeta Penrose (Coordination specialist, Nurture & Outdoor Education)

Morva Hughes & Charlotte Browning (Autism Champions)

Kara Bawden (Maths Specialist and Nurture)

Henry Emmett (Working Memory, ASDAN & Nurture)

The Area Resource Base

Naomi Thompson (ARB Lead)

Sandra Hart (SEN Support – ARB)

Pippa Arthur (SEN Support – ARB)

India Lewis (SEN Support – ARB)

Mental Health and Welbeing

Clive Wyatt (Mental Health and wellbeing lead)

Hollie Peters & Andrea Daddow (Wellbeing Leads)

Jill Clarke (SEMH & TISS specialist)

Bev Spence (SEN Support – SEMH specialist)