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Our latest End of Year magazine is available to read below and celebrates all the highs of the last academic year.

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On Thursday 10th of October, Hayle Academy held its annual Open Evening for Year 5 and 6 students. It was a busy time as it was held on the same day as our Year 6 Transition earlier in the day. It was a highly anticipated event and this year was one of the best yet. The atmosphere was extremely positive with lots of engagement from students and parents and overall, a great turnout!

The corridors were full of students and their families excited and ready to explore what Hayle Academy had to offer.  In the hall there was standing room only when the amazing Hayle Academy Choir opened the evening, followed by presentations from the Executive Head (Jan Woodhouse) and Head of School (Andrew Martin).

Both staff and students helping out were enthusiastic and happy to be able to show visitors all the engaging activities that had been prepared for each subject room.

There was a Maths disco with mocktails, exciting experiments in science, language games and cultural food tasting, dance track creation in music, a chance to get down in WW1 trenches, artworks galore and many practical activities in the DT departments with tasty bruschetta making, wood carving and laser-cut-keyrings.  Even the canteen was offering families hot evening meals alongside delicious cakes, biscuits and hot or cold drinks.

With so many passionate student volunteers from Year 11, Year 9 and Year 7, families received a lot of individual attention and insight about life at Hayle Academy.

One parent said, “It has been a fantastic evening and it was really great to see everything on offer, to join in with so many activities, and to ask lots of questions.”

Another said “I was impressed by all the staff’s caring approach when working with the students.”

Thank you to all the students, teachers, staff, Hayle Academy PTA, who all helped make this an event to be proud of and celebrated.


The following points will help your revision for History and Geography

Thank you for your recent support with #HelloYellow fundraising event.

This Friday 18 Breast Cancer Awareness ’Wear it Pink Day’ which is one of the biggest fundraising events in the UK.

1000’s will wear it pink in their communities, schools or workplaces to raise awareness for the UK’s largest breast cancer charity.
Students canto wear an item of pink clothing alongside their school uniform.
E.g. pink socks, pink tie, a pink badge etc.

Lessons will continue as normal see HERE for full info

This is the delicious new menu for Hayle Academy canteen. It will be starting after half term. Yum!

Hayle October Menu 2019

Each week a different event, celebration or commemoration is studied and discussed in tutor time as part of the Global Values curriculum. This gives students the opportunity to reflect upon current affairs, historical events and national and international campaigns.

Pease note, if world, national or local events take place that we feel may impact upon the students, the schedule may be adjusted throughout the year.

Download/view the Global Values curriculum here

At Hayle Academy, we encourage our students to take an active role in their local community and pursue hobbies and interests outside of school. This term we want to celebrate the following Academy students:


In September while walking around St Ives, Mrs Tranter, Head of Creative Arts Faculty at Hayle Academy, heard what she thought was a live band playing in the entrance at the Tate gallery.  She approached to find a very talented drummer playing on his own as part of the St Ives September Festival.  “I realised after listening and watching for a while that it was Josh in Year 9 at Hayle Academy,   I was very impressed as Josh was also helping to raise donations for charity.  Well done Josh.”

Ellis plays cricket for St Just Youth who this month, became Under 11 County Champions, scoring 199 runs, defeating Lanhydrock in the final. Ellis was 25 not out, had a wicket and took a catch. Very well done!

Last month, Victor in Year 11, learned to shoot a rifle similar to those used by the British army, for the first time.  This month he’s become the best shot in the whole South West England.

After 2 gruelling days, competing at the Annual Regional Competition between Cornwall Devon, Somerset, Gloucestershire, and Wiltshire, we asked about his experience:
“On the first  day I was a little worried as I didn’t know how good the competition was going to be.  But once I started shooting, it was clear to see that the other teams had not practised as much as they should have”.

Cornwall’s A, B and C team came 1st 2nd and 3rd on both days and were overall Champions with A,B, and C teams coming 1st 2nd & 3rd.

The next fixture will be a national competition in the October half term, involving cadet teams across, Air, Sea, Marine and Army. Good Luck Victor.


After competing in rowing trials held in Fowey, against tough competition from across Cornwall, Morgan has been picked to row for the Cornwall under 15s team in the pilot Gig county championships. Morgan will be representing both Hayle Pilot Gig Club and Hayle Academy in the County squad in a competition held on 12th of October. We are crossing everything for you.

Alongside rowing, Morgan also took part in a Brass band competition as part of Lanner Brass Academy, with fellow students William Year 9, and Lowenna, Year 7 as part of the Lanner Brass Academy.

Three very talented Hayle Academy students took part in a brass band competition last weekend Morgan Year 9 William Year 9 and Lowenna Year 7 as part of Lanner Brass Academy.

The competition, held in Exmouth, had 12 bands competing. They not only won their section but won the most entertaining band of the day for both their performance inside the pavilions and one for outside in the gardens.

Lowenna played a horn solo and Morgan was part of a cornet fanfare and also played a glockenspiel solo with Lowenna and William playing Djembe drums in the finale.

Well done to all our students, and we are really PROUD of you and your achievements.



At Hayle Academy, we believe that every student should have the opportunity to benefit from high quality, regular and purposeful homework. All students are expected to complete the homework set as an important and integral part of their learning. These details will be updated half-termly.

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At Hayle Academy, we believe that every student should have the opportunity to benefit from high quality, regular and purposeful homework. All students are expected to complete the homework set as an important and integral part of their learning. These details will be updated half-termly.

Y8 English homework Autumn 1

Y8 Maths Autumn 1 booklet

Year 8 Art Homework Autumn 1

Year 8 Aut 1 Geog HW Extreme Living

Year 8 Aut 1 History HW Civil Rights and the Slave Trade

Year 8 set 1 Science Homework Autumn 1

Year 8 set 2 Science Homework Autumn 1

Year 8 set 3 Science Homework Autumn 1

Year 8 set 4 Science Homework Autumn 1

Year 8 set 5 Science Homework Autumn 1

Year 8 Drama Booklet term 1

Year 8 DT Homework menu