Why not visit the next Cornwall Tech Jam which is on Saturday 9th November. It will be held at the Student Central Building of Cornwall College, Pool on Trevenson Road.

Cornwall Tech Jams are run by volunteers and employees of the technology industry in Cornwall. They give youngsters the opportunity to create some computer software on equipment they may not normally have access to at school or at home for free.

These Tech Jams are run in the hope that by encouraging youngsters to have a go at writing some computer code they may develop it as an interest and possible career choice. The burgeoning software industry in Cornwall is looking to the long term to create the employees of the future. By creating the interest now, providing them with opportunities to try it out, regardless of background, we will provide the skill openings they need.

The Jams are open to all and free to attend. There is ample free parking too. Doors open at 10 am through to 1 pm. We do insist that children under 16 years of age are not left unattended though.