On Monday 28th October, Year 7 and Year 8 enjoyed fun, interactive sessions with the visiting BAE Systems Roadshow in collaboration with the Royal Navy and Royal Air force.  The aim of these shows, held at schools across the country, is to introduce students to the diverse range of career paths that can be achieved from studying STEM, (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths subjects).

The main focus of the Hayle Academy presentation was to educate students about communication, technology, programming and online data/security and demonstrated how these technologies were being used currently all over the world.

Through working in connection with the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy, BAE Systems help build collaborative communication systems. The presentation highlighted the need for, and the opportunities available to engineers and computer programme designers, and the skills used to build and develop these communication links.

There were activities and demonstrations investigating the science behind mobile technology, Bluetooth, and why mobile phones can be dangerous.  Students also learned how electromagnetic waves/spectrums work and how signals are sent and linked to binary and scratch programmes.

Radar and Infra-red waves were discussed and students got to test some night vision goggles, with one student volunteer using them to find their way around a blackout tent, in order to discover different objects hidden in boxes.

The roadshow also discussed Cyberspace and job opportunities available in that field within the Royal Air force and Royal Navy and how they were linked via different types of communication.

All in all, the students had an eye-opening time and came away with some new ideas about their future career options and how these technologies are used around our homes and in workplaces.