Welcome to the latest edition of our Academy newsletter. As the nights lengthen and the weather deteriorates, November can be a challenging time for schools. However, I have to say that getting to know the young people at Hayle Academy has been a real pleasure. Although Year 11 are in the middle of their first mock exams, I have been really impressed by the gold tie students and their thoughts and plans for the student councils and by the way in which the year group as a whole have conducted themselves in the exams.

Similarly, Year 10 proved themselves to be outstanding ambassadors for the school when we hosted Brook as part of the global values curriculum. This was a challenging day and it was lovely to see our young people asking such good questions, making our guests welcome and treating each other with such respect.

Finally, I’ve been very fortunate to visit many lessons going on around the school and I congratulate our younger students on the pride they are taking in their work. As a school, we are working hard to ensure that all our students are challenged at the right level and that behaviour is good and supports learning.

The recent Presentation Evening for our Year 11 Leavers showed how much respect and warmth there is between staff and students at Hayle Academy. We have many challenges ahead as a school but also much to be proud of. I hope your Christmas planning is going well.


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