All projects in art link with contextual work involving various cultures and civilisations from around the world.  They lead to a better understanding of different ways of life and respect for cultures that are different from our own. 

Year 8 students are currently studying life in America and Britain in the 1950s and its influence on Pop Art including the different styles of Pop Art in each country.  The images attached show students Pop Collages where they have explored using every day popular items to make artwork.  Typography and comics were also explored and some year 8 students had a huge amount of fun baking cake messages at home to support their collage work. 

A local charity BFAdventure has exciting opportunities available to students through the National Citizen Service (NCS) during summer 2020.

NCS delivered by BFAdventure in west Cornwall is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for 15 – 17-year-olds and builds skills, confidence and helps them to prepare for university, work and life.

NCS is a unique 4-week experience during the summer holidays so they won’t miss any school. Teenagers can live away from home during the first two weeks, develop key life skills like budgeting, boost their CV, craft a top-notch personal statement and so much more – all alongside meeting other teens from different backgrounds. There’s also the chance to give back to the community, with 30 hours dedicated to social action projects.


“Good experiences, the course took my son out of his comfort zone and he then realised he can do more than he thought.”  Emma PG 2019


“We rate it 10 ++++++ / Thank you for turning my daughter’s life around. Not an exaggeration”  Amanda PG 2019

PHASE 1: BE EPIC– A fun action-packed residential week at an adventure centre with instructor-led activities designed to build: teamwork, leadership, communication, resilience and friendships!

PHASE 2: LIVE LIFE– A second residential week, this time at university! While living at university: gain new skills, live in their own flat, cooking with their team, learn to budget, build their CV with a crash course in adulting. PHASE 3: DO GOOD- During 2 weeks in a local community find out personal and team passions, discover issues in your community and use your voice, skills and talents to plan and deliver a social action project. PHASE 4: GO PARTY- On completing the 4-week program in summer, celebrate the young person’s success at a graduation event! The young person then has access to further opportunities as a graduate of NCS!

  • Wave 1 BFAdventure: 29th June to 24th July 2020 (Excluding weekends)
  • Wave 2 BFAdventure: 27th July to 21st August 2020 (Excluding weekends)

It’s also backed by the government so you get all 4 weeks for a contribution of just £50 to take part! EARLY BIRD OFFER until 31/12/2019 the price is an amazing £30! We hope you will take advantage of this early bird offer to secure your young person’s space!

NCS is something that is recognised by employers and UCAS as a way to develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills and it’s a great use of part of the summer holidays. NCS is a truly fantastic opportunity for young people to kick starts their future.

If this is something your young person might be interested in, visit to find out more or email us any questions to

On Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th December, 7.00 pm – 8.30 pm is our Christmas Concert. We would be delighted if you are able to join us on this special evening.

As usual, we will be having a traditional family theme, with the school’s ensembles, soloists and mince pies.

Tickets for our performers will be made three days in advance of general release on Tuesday 3rd December in the school foyer at morning break time (initially limited to 4 per child) and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, please reply at your earliest convenience to avoid disappointment.

The cost of each ticket is £1 for adults and 50 pence for children.

If you require additional tickets for either evening, please call the school from 9 am on Monday 9th when any remaining tickets will be made available.

Please keep tickets safe and present them on the night as this is a ticket only event.

We look forward to seeing you then.