What a week in politics last week has been! Not to be outdone by the Westminster politicians, Hayle Academy went full steam ahead with our own Mock General Election. Four political parties were represented by students from the school:

Brexit Party – Luke Year 9
Conservative Party – Elias Year 11
Labour Party – Victor Year 11
Liberal Democrats – Julia Year 11
The parties campaigned in the run-up to the election and delivered their party manifestos during a series of assemblies.

Alongside this, all students looked at various elements of the democratic process during Global Matters sessions in tutor time. This included democracy and voting, government structure and roles, political parties, and how to take part in the electoral system.

The week culminated in a realistic mock election where all students and staff were given the opportunity to take to the polls on 12th December in our very own polling station.
The results were counted and were as follows:

• Labour Party – 226
• Conservative Party – 153
• Liberal Democrats – 55
• Brexit Party – 52

Whilst the results may not have mirrored the reality of the actual 2019 General Election, the experience within the school was very real.
Our young politicians were amazing ambassadors and conducted their campaigns with dignity and respect – they could probably teach a few politicians in Westminster a thing or two! Well done all of you!