This half term has been lengthy and exhausting but we have had much to celebrate, enjoy and learn from at Hayle Academy in this time. It was lovely to host so many of our year five students when they came to the school for a day to explore outer space. We were so proud of the four students who represented the major parties in the election, presenting to all students in assemblies and it was great that our students had the chance to place their vote in the school elections, learning much about what it means to live in a democracy.

We have also enjoyed some wonderful festive celebrations. The Christmas concert featured many of our students who performed brilliantly. We are very grateful to the PTA for organising a lovely Christmas fete in the school; we also enjoyed hosting the community Churches Together Christmas concert.

However, it is not all just been about having fun! This term staff and students have been working hard to ensure that standards of behaviour and conduct are as good as can be. Parents may have noticed there has been a strong emphasis on wearing the uniform correctly and all staff are ensuring that students work to the best of their ability in all lessons. We really do appreciate parents’ support in ensuring that students at Hayle understand we have high expectations of them. These expectations will serve them well through their education, careers and future life.

Finally, I would like to thank parents who have taken the trouble to contact us for whatever reason. Recently I was able to share some really positive emails from parents with staff and it does mean a lot to our team when they receive such warm feedback. Please, whatever the reason, good or bad, do stay in touch.

We wish you all a fantastic festive break.


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