Duke of Edinburgh participants need to show a skill or do volunteer work as part of the programme. Roxy in Year 9, decided to show skill and built a model house. Having previously watched YouTube videos on this feat, she thought it had looked difficult but it was something she had wanted to try for a while. Her first plan was to make the whole house from cardboard, but this idea was scrapped as it was too flimsy, so it was the perfect solution when she found a basic 3D plywood model in a craft shop to set her off. The conditions of the skills test were she had to dedicate an hour a week for 6 months. Once finished, Roxy then had to pick an assessor to write a review of her handywork. She chose Hayle Academy Head of Art Alison Tranter. Who thought she’d done an amazing job! Asked what she had enjoyed most Roxy beams saying, “Painting the finished house. The most difficult part of the project was making all the furniture out of cardboard.”