Pupils from Hayle Academy have been taking the classroom outdoors this month when they planted free trees from the Woodland Trust. The school successfully applied for a pack of hawthorn, rowan, blackthorn, silver birch, hazel, common oak trees from the Trust after hearing about the scheme from online.


Mr Carthew, Humanities teacher said: “This scheme has been a great opportunity for students to play their part in habitat restoration and carbon offsetting. It also gives them a chance to deepen their interest in nature and ecology at the same time as getting their hands muddy. The teamwork shown by the students made us very proud.”


The planting scheme has created two outdoor classroom spaces so on future sunny days learning can take place in the shade of native trees. The outdoor classrooms are connected by a winding path and the whole scheme is surrounded by a cross country route.

Last summer we also collected a huge amount of wildflower seeds which will be sown this spring to form a meadow area between the sports fields and the new woodland. Over the next few years we hope to see it fill with wildlife and we are sure it will be enjoyed by Hayle students for generations to come.