Careers South West

CSW is an organisation that supports young people as they make important transitions in their lives. We do this through our network of Career Development Consultants who are all qualified career guidance practitioners. We provide targeted support to young people in education which means we have advisers linked to all schools and can provide additional help at key times including exam results days. We continue to provide support as young people take their first steps into the world of work, offering advice and guidance to ensure they are aware of the options open to them and have dedicated advisers who work with those who find themselves NEET (not in education, employment or training).

To find out more, particularly for guidance following Summer 2020 Examination results, click here

This year Cornwall Council and CSW Group will be releasing a series of podcasts/videos. These will be from a wide range of post-16 settings so you can see what the options are when you finish school.  This is instead of the live events that took place last year.  The podcasts/videos are available from the 7th October. You can watch them all or as many as you like.  CSW Group can help with making choices and decision making. Please contact your school and ask to meet with us. Or ring CSW Group on 0800 975 5111 (freephone) and we will contact you to help.


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