Congratulations to everyone who contributed to the Shoe Box appeal this year. We collected 53 boxes and they have now been passed on to the charity who will distribute them to the people who need them.

You’ve made many people’s Festive period a little bit better, well done!

Despite some unusual challenges, Hayle Academy Music is as strong as ever.
Throughout the second half of this term, music instrumental lessons and
group rehearsals have commenced with the addition of social-distancing and
year group bubbles. For most group performances, each part has been
recorded separately and then constructed back together to make the final
pieces. Some recordings were submitted from other destinations, helping to
bring the Hayle Academy community together wherever we are.

It’s been wonderful to see so many musicians coming together, even if it is virtually!
We hope you enjoy our ‘Christmas Crackers’ Musical Showcases.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Christmas Cracker Showcase Day 1

Christmas Cracker Showcase Day 2

Christmas Cracker Showcase Day 3

Christmas Cracker Showcase Day 4

Christmas Cracker Showcase The Finale


Each week our librarian Mrs Randall puts together a fantastic book recommendation.  Here is our recommendation for this week. Enjoy!!

Last week Susie Barnet shared with our year 9 students her fascinating story about how her family survived the horrors of Nazi Germany’s persecution of Jews.
Susie was born in Hamburg just before WWII started and her, and her family’s safe passage to England was the theme of this gripping tale.
One year 9 student said simply, “amazing” when asked how she felt about what Suzie had shared.

Our amazing admin team have clubbed together to donate 2 food boxes to the Cornwall Christmas Box Appeal.  These will be donated to families in need by Cornwall Council’s ‘Early Help, Social Care and Psychology Service Team. For further information visit


Throughout December our wonderful Canteen are spreading some Christmas cheer and will be serving a delicious Christmas dinner every Wednesday .  Unlike previous years there is no need to pre-book and you can pay on the day. Please bear in mind that the Christmas meals are available on a first come first serve basis only.  If Christmas dinner isn’t for you don’t worry there will be other alternatives on the day.