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Academy Curriculum

We have actively built our curriculum and school day around our knowledge of how children think and concentrate. Our lessons are 60 minutes long with double lessons for some practical subjects. It is our view that this is the optimum length to maintain focus and interest as demonstrated by our exam results. All our students […]

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a reading programme that all members of Year 7 and 8 are involved in.  They all take a Star Reader Test which gives them a ZPD (zone of proximal development) and guides them towards books that are suitable for them.  Students will then chose an appropriate book and read for 25 minutes […]

Exam Information

At Hayle Academy, we take our responsibilities for enabling young people to move onto the next phase of their life very seriously. We encourage students to study a broad and balanced curriculum and to take examinations in all of their subjects. All our students are expected and encouraged to follow examination courses appropriate to their […]

Hayle Xtra

In addition to our formal curriculum, Hayle Academy offers a wide range of after school clubs, activities, team games etc., which we call Hayle Xtra and we also provide a formal GCSE Study Support programme for students in years 10 and 11. The aim of our Hayle Xtra and the GCSE Study Support programme is […]

Most Able

One of the aims of Hayle Academy is ‘to promote standards of excellence that enable all students to achieve their full potential’.  For our most able students we start from the premise of developing the confidence and ambition to aim high and consider university, music college, drama school, sport academies etc. It is important that […]

Music Lessons

All students at some point during their time here at Hayle Academy will receive music lessons and get the chance to use the fantastic facilities and equipment available in the Music and Drama Centre. Some students will, of course, go on to study music through to GCSE and for some it may only be a […]

Pasty Launch

Rowe’s Cornish Bakers have made history by sending Cornwall’s most famous export – the pasty – into space. The delicious treat was launched into the stratosphere at 11:00am on 20th September ‘17, reaching an incredible 35,482m. Suspended for approximately 93 minutes and with temperatures dropping as low as -62 Celsius, the pasty returned to earth completely […]