Accelerated Reader is a reading programme that all members of Year 7 and 8 are involved in.  They all take a Star Reader Test which gives them a ZPD (zone of proximal development) and guides them towards books that are suitable for them.  Students will then chose an appropriate book and read for 25 minutes during the school day.  Once they have finished their book they take a quiz and receive merits and rewards for getting  85% or more of the questions correct.  Please use the link to log into your account and take a quiz or check your progress.




Accelerated Reader Website

At Hayle Academy, we take our responsibilities for enabling young people to move onto the next phase of their life very seriously. We encourage students to study a broad and balanced curriculum and to take examinations in all of their subjects.

All our students are expected and encouraged to follow examination courses appropriate to their future career plans and abilities.

We ensure a student’s progress is regularly monitored and parents receive copies of each review undertaken. If students are exceeding their Expected Outcomes we give praise, if students are not making Expected Progress then a range of intervention strategies are put in place to try to address any areas for improvement.


At Hayle Academy, we feel that students’ personal development is vital to their well being and future success. All students therefore study  ‘Global Values’ across the school in ord

er to facilitate the delivery of:

  • Careers
  • Citizenship
  • Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education
  • Relationships and Sexual Education
  • Religious Education

All students have dedicated curriculum time where they will be given the opportunity to study and discuss these areas in greater detail. Alongside this, Global Values will be a key priority across all elements of curriculum and school life. We will continue to update you on events and activities via the school newsletter, website and social media pages. If you have any queries please contact Miss Wilson (Global Values Lead). You may also like to look at these key websites for further information:


In addition to our formal curriculum, Hayle Academy offers a wide range of after school clubs, activities, team games etc., which we call Hayle Xtra and we also provide a formal GCSE Study Support programme for students in years 10 and 11.

The aim of our Hayle Xtra and the GCSE Study Support programme is to enrich, extend and enhance our students’ experiences of school life. Hayle Xtra includes courses that lead to qualifications, for example Duke of Edinburgh, First Aid, languages and dance and others that develop interests and hobbies such as drama and sports. The Learning Resource Centre (library) is open daily from 8:00 – 8:45am, 10:30 – 10:45am, 12:25 – 1:25pm and 3:15 – 4:15pm. The various clubs and activities may be seasonal, run for a short period or throughout the year. Full details can be found in our Hayle Xtra booklet.

GCSE Study Support offers specialist support in all subjects to enhance GCSE examination performance.  The majority of sessions are voluntary but where students are not meeting their achievable grades then students will be expected to attend.  Full details can be found in our GCSE Study Support booklet.


One of the aims of Hayle Academy is ‘to promote standards of excellence that enable all students to achieve their full potential’.  For our most able students we start from the premise of developing the confidence and ambition to aim high and consider university, music college, drama school, sport academies etc.

It is important that we learn of, or identify as soon as possible, the areas in which a student has greater ability. This may be academic (formerly gifted) or physical, creative or musical (formerly talented).  We will endeavour to ensure that students are offered appropriate and/or modified curriculum, opportunities to meet and work with like minded students, and time to attend specialist, and perhaps offsite, tutoring or training.

Every student is unique.

Please talk to us about how we might support your gifted or talented child.



Hayle Academy has launched Show My Homework for students and is a simple online solution to keep abreast of homework set and deadlines.
The apps and notifications will make sure you always know what homework is set and the date it is due

Here are some user guides:

Parent guide


Parent overview – Parents-guide-to-show-my-homework

Below is a quick way to view your homework calendar

To log in to Show My Homework, please click on the logo below:

At Hayle Academy, we are extremely proud of our special educational needs provision and the opportunities and support given to our students with additional needs so that they can experience success, achievement and fulfilment during their time at our school.   We are committed to offering an education that ensures the best possible progress and outcomes for all of our students whatever their needs or abilities and prepare them for happy and successful lives at and beyond Hayle Academy.

Hayle Academy SEN team is an incredibly flexible and proactive team who are always striving to meet the needs of our learners and go above and beyond in the support of our students.  This may be via our key person approach where every child on the SEN register has their own key person who stays with them throughout their journey through the school and offers opportunities to mentor and support or via our targeted interventions such as our Accelerate English and Maths programmes, additional before school and after school support or Nurture provision or support within the classroom.

The first stage of support is always high quality teaching within the classroom with practices designed to support all learners such as information retrieval exercises, assessment for learning, chunking of information, knowing all learners, providing resources to support and use of metacognition and modelling.  If students then need further support this could then be targeted support such as use of the SEN team within lessons, technology, interventions or for higher needs students, it could be via specialist support from teaching assistants or external specialists.

Our SEN team is led by our SENCO, Mr James Woodward and our Assistant SENCO Vicky Roberts.  The team is formed from teaching assistants who have specialist areas of expertise such as autism, dyslexia, coordination, physical impairment, social and emotional health, working memory and dyscalculia.  Our team work within classrooms often in specialist areas, running interventions and meeting with their mentees.

If you have any queries, questions or would like to discuss SEN at Hayle Academy, please contact our SENCO James Woodward ( or our Assistant SENCO Vicky Roberts (


Our SEN Team comprises:

James Woodward (SENCO)

Vicky Roberts (Assistant SENCO & ADHD specialist)

Anthea Thomas McLean (Autism Champion)

Kim Skidmore (Dyslexia Champion)

Zeta Penrose (Coordination specialist, Nurture & outdoor education)

Bev Spence (Science and handwriting)

Nathan Jenkyns (Physical needs specialist)

Kara Bawden (Maths specialist and Nurture)

Henry Emmett (Working memory and Nurture)

Sandra Hart (SEN assessor)

Jill Clarke (SEMH & TISS specialist)

Laura Cole (SEMH & TISS specialist)

Useful documents:

TPAT SEND Policy 2019

Hayle Academy Accessibility Policy

Hayle Academy SEN Information Report Table 2020-21.docx

Hayle Academy SEN Information Report 2020-21.docx