Hayle Academy is committed to providing a full educational experience for ALL students.

We believe that, if students are to benefit from a broad and balanced curriculum in which they achieve their full potential, good attendance is crucial. Any problems that impede full attendance will be identified and addressed as quickly as possible.

If your child is absent from school, for any reason, please contact our Attendance Officer (Miss F Fulton) on 01736 800556 or email on attendanceofficer@hayleacademy.net

It is important that you inform the school as early as possible, on each day that your child is absent.

Attendance Policy:

Attendance Policy – Sept 2019 update

If you have any concerns or questions on your 2020 Exam Results click here


The new GCSE framework has now been implemented and the syllabus for all subjects have changed both in terms of topics covered, the amount of material, and the level of difficulty. In some subjects the content that was previously AS level is now in the new GCSEs. There is no longer any coursework element, and all exams are now taken at the end of Year 11 with no modules being sat during the course. And finally, the grading of GCSEs are now numbers (9-1). An indication of the equivalences to the old system can be seen below:

Once again, Hayle Academy is proud to congratulate students on the achievement of this year’s GCSE cohort. It was a great pleasure on results day to see the smiles and celebrations as the students opened their results envelopes to see the outcome of their hard work.  All of their achievements are remarkable and are the product of their commitment over five years of studying. The look of surprise at their own accomplishments is always followed by pride, followed by thanks and gratitude towards the staff for their hard work and support.  

Coping with the intensity and pressures of studies and the resilience they have to show over a long period of time along with the adverse circumstances some students have to overcome, is a credit to the students. It is a real tribute to them, the staff and parents who support them, to boost their confidence and motivate them to prove to themselves that they can achieve. The impact of these results will provide them with the opportunity to progress onto the courses they want and they all walk away with a great foundation of knowledge to build on in whichever career pathway they choose.  

As an Academy we have achieved the highest number of grade 8 and 9’s and increased achievements have been seen in most subject areas. A special mention to our English, maths, languages, geography and trilogy science who have surpassed last years results. Many students exceeded their targets with a number achieving sets of results all above grade 5.  

Key Statistics
53% achieved a standard pass (grade 4+) in English & maths. 30% achieved a strong pass (grade 5+) in English & maths.
60% achieved grade 9-4 in English. 68% achieved grade 9-4 in maths.
44% achieved grade 9-5 in English. 40% achieved grade 9-5 in maths.
Attainment 8 Score: 40.34. Progress 8 Score: Not available at the present time.
8% achieving Grade 9-7 in English & maths. 23% entered for the English Baccalaureate.
17% achieved the English Baccalaureate (Grade 4+). 12% achieved the English Baccalaureate (Grade 5+).
 99.1% of students stayed in education or employment after key stage 4 (Destinations data 2018).


DfE Website

Each week a different event, celebration or commemoration is studied and discussed in tutor time as part of the Global Values curriculum. This gives students the opportunity to reflect upon current affairs, historical events and national and international campaigns.

Pease note, if world, national or local events take place that we feel may impact upon the students, the schedule may be adjusted throughout the year.

Download/view the Global Values curriculum here

At Hayle Academy, we feel that students’ personal development is vital to their well being and future success. We have therefore launched ‘Global Values’ across the school in order to facilitate the delivery of:

  • Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development
  • British Values
  • Citizenship
  • Religious Education
  • Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education
  • Relationships and Sexual Education
  • Careers

All students have dedicated curriculum time where they will be given the opportunity to study and discuss these areas in greater detail. Alongside this, Global Values will be a key priority across all elements of curriculum and school life. We will continue to update you on events and activities via the school newsletter. In the meantime, if you have any queries please contact Miss Wilson (Global Values Lead). You may also like to look at these key websites for further information:





Hayle Academy is constantly improving the facilities and resources used on a daily basis by the students.

As a Community School we already make our school available to a number of local community groups and organisations. Clubs and organisations currently using the schools facilities range from Zumba, athletics club, drama groups, Light of Life community, the Blood Donation Service and various adult education providers.

Facilities available to rent include:

  • Both large and small meeting rooms
  • Main Hall – lecture style or seating around hexagonal tables 
  • Main Hall Stage with presentation facilities
  • Gym
  • Music suite & practise rooms
  • Drama / Dance studio
  • ICT Suites & Computer Science Room
  • Catering Suite
  • Fitness Suite
  • Learning Resource Centre – access to reference books and 30 computers
  • Variety of different designed classrooms
  • Sports Field, including cricket net
  • Traversing wall

Why not test us, you never know we may have the facility or room you or your organisation is looking for.

For further information regarding costs and availability, either ring the Academy on 01736 753009 and ask to speak to Dave Quick (Site Manager) or contact us.

Letters Home

For further Government Advice and Guidance regarding the Coronavirus please see below link:


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24th September 2020

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28th February 2020

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Pupil Premium Strategy Statement for Hayle Academy 2019

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10th December 2019

e-safety and the Law

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Hayle Academy Leadership

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Year 10 and 11 Revision Study Sessions

27th September 2019

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1st January 2019

Remote Access System

22nd November 2018

Book of Knowledge

27th March 2018

School Gateway

11th January 2018


As with any large organisation Hayle Academy has a series of policies and procedures that help clarify the way we operate.  Some of these are statutory, some are advisory and some are individual to our school. A full set is available at the school but on this website we have placed those policies that are most frequently requested.

Policies are reviewed regularly by the Local Governing Body, or produced by the Trust, some annually and some on a two or three year cycle. The most up-to-date versions are included here.

Should you have any queries about any of these policies or any other areas of school practice please contact us through the contact page on this website.


Hayle Academy uses the funding from the Pupil Premium Grant to support all vulnerable young people to achieve their full potential. The research to date suggests that schools can make a significant difference to the achievement of these students. We are committed to ensuring that all students make good progress regardless of their starting point and background. We are working towards ensuring that all students who attend the school are in the best position to have the opportunity to choose to lead a fulfilling life and make a difference in society. Our Pupil Premium Strategy is guided by this philosophy.

We offer an extensive package of internal and external support through our Inclusion and Student Support Teams as well as targeted intervention across all subject areas where support is needed to remove barriers to learning.

For parents/guardians wishing to find out more about whether this grant applies to them and their son/daughter or if you would like assistance with your application please contact Student Reception at enquiries@hayleacademy.net or 01736 753009

Pupil Premium Summary Statements 2018-19:

Hayle Academy Pupil-Premium-Strategy-2018-19

Hayle Academy Pupil-Premium-Strategy-2019-20


At Hayle Academy we aim to ensure that students with special educational needs and disabilities are given every opportunity to experience success, achievement and fulfilment in their work.  We aim to provide educational, emotional and technical support in a positive learning environment and ultimately provide an inclusive education for students.  We are committed to offering an education to ensure the best possible progress for all of our students whatever their needs or abilities.

Hayle Academy aims to meet the educational needs of students with SEN including those with Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP).  Hayle Academy’s SEN processes reflect the SEN Code of Practice 2015, where a graduated response to supporting the student’s needs is identified.  We may undertake early intervention in order to support students with any difficulties they may be experiencing; the aim is to support students to develop independence as they progress through the academy, helping them to prepare for their exams and life beyond Hayle Academy.

Our SEN team is led by our SENCO Mr James Woodward with teaching assistants who a specialist in Autism, dyslexia, hearing and sight, English, maths and science.  The SEN team are then supported within faculties with our SEN & Literacy Lead Teachers who act as advocates for our SEN students and lead teachers in SEN.

If you have any queries , questions or would like to discuss SEN at Hayle Academy, please contact our SENCO James Woodward (james.woodward@hayleacademy.net) or our SEN Administrator (vicky.roberts@hayleacademy.net)


Who are the SEN Team at Hayle Academy?

James Woodward SENCO

Vicky Roberts (SEN Administrator)

Anthea Thomas McLean (Autism Champion)

Henry Emmett

Kim Skidmore (English specialist)

Kara Bawden (Maths specialist)

Zeta Penrose (PE specialist)

Bev Spence (Science specialist)

Nathan Jenkins

Sandra Hart (SEN assessor)


Who are the Faculty SEN & Literacy Leads

Hollie Peters (Languages)

Nicola Scott (Maths)

Barry Lee Clark (Science)

Rebecca Wilson (Humanities)

Nathan Irons (PE)

Esther Hockley (Literacy Leader)


Based on your child’s needs, the following provision is available at Hayle Academy

  • Access to the Learning Zone (LZ)
  • Shared TA provision in classrooms
  • Literacy small group intervention
  • Numeracy small group intervention
  • Bespoke Maths and English programmes
  • Dyslexia friendly classrooms and resources
  • Support from our Autism Champions
  • Communication and interaction support
  • Anger management and anxiety support
  • Educational Psychologist, Autism Team, Early Support
  • Keyworker & Mentoring Support
  • Homework support
  • Dyslexia support

Useful documents:

Hayle Academy SEN Information Report Sept 2019

TPAT SEND Policy 2019

Download the SEN School Offer

Hayle Academy SEN Offer

Hayle Academy Accessibility Policy